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Ryder Innovation

Ryder OutFront Mount

Ryder OutFront Mount

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Introducing the Ryder Innovation OutFront Mount designed for quarter turn devices. It features storage space for an Apple Tag tracking device and is compatible with Garmin Edge 1000, 1030, 20, 25, 520, 810, 820, XOSS, and GPS bike computers. The mount is compatible with 31.8mm and 35mm handlebars and boasts a hinge-free design. Experience secure and convenient device placement with the OutFront Mount from Ryder Innovation.

About this item:

  • Fits all Garmin - type quarter turn devices/computers
  • Durable nylon construction – virtually indestructible
  • No hinges: one piece design for easy fitment and removal
  • Built-in rubber – no loose pieces
  • Unique compartment to store your Apple AirTag securely for your bike (Apple AirTag not included)
  • Fits on: 31.8mm or 35mm handlebars)

Manufacturers Overview:

Experience the Ryder Innovation OutFront Mount, the ultimate solution for your Garmin quarter turn devices. Crafted with durable and virtually indestructible nylon, this one piece design eliminates hinges for easy fitment and removal.

With built-in rubber, there are no loose pieces to worry about. Plus, enjoy the unique feature of a secure compartment to store your Apple AirTag (AirTag not included). Giving you peace of mind and the ability to locate your bike at any time.

Designed with precision, the OutFront Mount fits perfectly on 31.8mm or 35mm handlebars. The tough nylon construction ensures its durability and the secure positioning of rubber inserts. Attaching the mount is effortless. The unique compartment for your Apple Tag is secured with two screws, preventing accidental dislodgement.

No screws are needed for the quarter mount insert, providing a secure click-in fit. The length, angle, and finish of the mount make it the ideal choice for attaching Garmin quarter turn devices and computers to your bike handlebar. Trust in the exceptional quality and innovative features of the Ryder Innovation OutFront Mount, a product designed to overcome common issues and enhance your cycling experience.


Hinge-free Nylon design

The hinge free design of the OutFront mount means that it is intuitive and easy to fit, virtually indestructible and makes for less chances to damage your handlebars with the fixing bolt.

Fits 35mm and 31.8mm handlebars

Compatible with: 31.8 and 35mm handlebars. The rubber insert reduces the clamp diameter from a 35mm to a 31.8mm mount and even some oval or odd shape bars.

Secure hidden compartment for Apple AirTag

To fit your Apple AirTag, you can hide it in the specially designed compartment. We have used two screws that can only be removed with a 2.5 Allen Key. The AirTag is not immediately removable. This provides assurance that your bike can be tracked if necessary.

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