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Ryder Innovation

Ryder Slyder 25g CO2 Storage System

Ryder Slyder 25g CO2 Storage System

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This patented Slyder system fits onto multiple mountings. Its two design options allow you to carry two CO2 cartridges or to carry a CO2 cartridge and a Ryder Slug Plug. Its patented sliding system allows for a quick release and a secure fit, while the protective sleeve protects your fingers from freeze burn.

Slyder Features:

  • A patented channeled spine which makes sliding tool holders on and off quick and easy, while locking them into place while riding
  • Can be mounted almost anywhere on your frame or seat post
  • Patented: Slyder System is EU and US Design Protected

What is included:

  • 1 x Single Slyder
  • 2 x 25g CO2 Sleeves
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