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Ryder Kinetic Cage with Storage

Ryder Kinetic Cage with Storage

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Ryder Kinetic Cage with storage is a nylon bike water bottle holder for road bikes mountain bikes, commute bicycle and ebike, with unique extension for 100mm vertical adjustment on bike tube with accessory storage facilities.

About this item:

  • Unique design allows custom positioning on bike frame (60mm higher or 40mm lower)
  • Smooth curve design minimizes bottle scratching
  • Side entry (right) for easy release return
  • Clip-on storage inserts and Velcro give storage options
  • Includes Slyder Sleeves for storing CO2 (16g) cylinders and SlugPlug /Ergo tire levers
  • Mounts bag or tube on vertical or horizontal position using custom plates and Velcro strap (included)
  • ZA Design Protected

Manufacturers Overview:

Introducing the Ryder Kinetic Cage with Storage: Enhance Your Ride with Customizable Features

The Kinetic Cage with storage is an innovative product that offers two remarkable features, making it a must-have for avid cyclists. With adjustable height and built-in storage options on the bike frame, this product takes convenience to a whole new level.

One of the standout features of the Kinetic Cage is its adjustable height mechanism. By incorporating an extension to the water bottle cage, we've provided cyclists with the ability to customize the positioning of their water bottle. This extension allows for vertical adjustment up to 60mm and down to 40mm, ensuring optimal accessibility while riding.

Moreover, the extension of the Kinetic Cage serves a dual purpose by offering additional storage options. With the attachment of vertical or horizontal inserts, you gain the flexibility to carry essential items during your rides. The Kinetic Cage has got you covered, whether you prefer to store vertically or horizontally, .

Crafted from tough glass-filled nylon, the Kinetic Cage is not only lightweight but also incredibly durable. It guarantees that your water bottle stays securely in place without the risk of breakage, even during challenging rides.

Furthermore, the design of the Kinetic Cage caters to both right-handed and left-handed cyclists. It can be conveniently mounted on the downtube for right-handed use or on the seat tube for left-handed use. Additionally, the product includes customized cage screws that ensure a snug and secure fit on your bike frame.

The possibilities for storage become endless, once the Kinetic Cage is securely fastened. Included with the product are various storage accessories to accommodate your needs.


The vertical clip enables you to attach a bag or tube effortlessly using the provided Velcro. Alternatively, the horizontal clip is compatible with our Ryder Slyder Sleeves, designed specifically to hold a CO2 cylinder (16g), Ergo Tire Levers, or SlugPlug tubeless repair kit. You can also store our award-winning Groove Tool Pro folding tool, which comes with a dedicated sleeve for attachment.

We take great pride in ensuring that your cycling experience is as enjoyable as possible. The Kinetic Cage not only offers superior customization and storage options but also features a silicon O-ring at the top to prevent any scratches on your bike frame.

Experience the convenience of customizable storage and effortless adjustability. Elevate your cycling journey with the Kinetic Cage, available for purchase along with all the compatible storage accessories. 

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